Steel Grip Inc. is a manufacturer of personal protective equipment that serves a variety of industries. Steel Grip offers a wide range of PPE that include flame resistant apparel, high heat gloves and mitts, cut protection apparel, chemical resistant apparel, molten metal splash protective apparel, steam protection and arc flash protection apparel. We have 4 manufacturing facilities, all with unique cut & sew operations to build standard and customized PPE.

Stocking PPE

Steel Grip, Inc. stocks a wide range of PPE that can be shipped quickly.  We understand the urgent need for protection for your workers, and we are always working to keep our shelves stocked with product to help facilitate those needs.  


Steel Grip, Inc. can customize PPE to fit your needs.  We understand not all end-users are the same.  Many of you have special requirements or needs for your workers, and we are here to help with that.  Our talented design team and skilled sewing operators are prepared to make PPE that fits your need.  


Steel Grip has been manufacturing personal protective equipment for over 50 years.  We have manufactured PPE for many industries throughout those years, and we are continuing to keep up with the many needs and standards of those industries.  Our sales team and customer service representatives are prepared to answer any questions you might have regarding your PPE needs.  

Need a Steel Grip Sales Rep?

Get in touch with a Steel Grip sales representative to learn more about our products – whether you need help finding a certain item or sorting through the sea of standards, we’ll work with you to equip your team.

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