Industry Safety Standards

The hazards of a job can be different for each person. This is why it’s important you conduct an assessment and select the right equipment in order to stay safe on the job. Steel Grip offers protection from flash fire, arc flashes or any combination thereof- so no matter what surprises await at work know that we’ve got all those pesky dangers covered too with our extensive portfolio of FR & PPE.

Worker in protective gear pouring molten metal

Arc Flash

When a worker is exposed to an arc flash, their clothing may catch on fire. This can result in devastating injuries if they are not protected by the proper FR protections of protective equipment such as jackets and pants with flame resistant panels or other features designed for this purpose.

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Chemical Splash

If you work where chemicals are used, there’s always the possibility of an accident. Chemicals such as acids and other corrosive liquids can cause serious burns that could be painful and dangerous for workers if they aren’t properly protected.

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Cut & Abrasion

We all rely on glass for day-to-day living. But what goes into the manufacturing and handling of such a highly relied upon resource? The way this material is made requires attentional detail when working with sharp tools or heated surfaces because cuts can occur easily.

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Flash Fire

Flash fires can be difficult to contain and may cause significant damage. With the right resources you’ll have an edge if a flash fire incident occurs! Steel Grip will provide your company access to the necessary products and information on how they work in concert together so that no one is left vulnerable or unprotected against these hazards.

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Hi Temperature

Metal finishing processes can be extremely hazardous, not just because they produce molten metal splash and spark hazards but also from radiant heat. Metal workers should wear the appropriate PPE to protect themselves against both types of dangers while on site; this will help ensure all day comfort no matter what task needs doing at either plant locations or shops where such dangerous equipment is used.

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Working in the dark or near high traffic areas is extremely dangerous. If you and your crew are working with limited visibility, make sure they wear PPE clothing that ensures safety by making workers visible to drivers or other employees for better protection against accidents.

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Molten Metals

When it comes to the smelting and refining industry, there are more than just burns. Employees of these companies can get seriously injured by molten metals or radiant heat exposure which happen during melting processes. Steel Grip offers diverse options for protection against different types of hazardous situations.

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