Steel Grip, Inc. Designs and Manufactures Protective Clothing for Domestic and International Industrial Use.

Industries that are dangerous by their very nature need to ensure they have the right equipment for employees. PPE can help protect against injury or worse, so it’s important in industries where there is inherent risk which typically involve higher levels of accident potentials.

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Industrial Protective Clothing

Our fire resistant clothing is designed for secondary protection to safeguard workers exposed to open flame, sparks and other similar heat sources.

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High Temperature Protective Clothing

Our primary protection is designed for workers exposed to radiant heat, molten metal, sparks as well as varying conditions of extreme thermal temperatures.

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Electrical Protective Clothing

We developed a layering system known as Air Gap Technology™ which allows the combinations of lighter weight fabrics to increase the thermal heat resistance (Arc Rating) of the garments.

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All materials, designs and findings for hazard risk category 2, 3 and 4 garments meet the FULL requirements of NFPA 70E Edition Standard, OSHA 1910.269 CFR, ASTM F 1506 and ASTM F 2178.

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Choose Your Industry


Workers in mills, foundries and welding shops are at risk for molten metal accidents. The right protection can make the difference between an accident becoming severe or fatal.


When it comes to keeping our lights on, electric utility workers risk their own safety. To ensure they are protected and have the proper clothing for any potential threats that may be faced while doing this job well into tomorrow- choose FR apparel with an arc rating matching what’s needed at your workplace today.

Oil & Gas

Workers in the oil and gas industry are at risk for hazardous conditions, such as extreme heat or fire. Workers must be protected with FR workwear that provides ultimate protection to ensure they can continue their duties without worry about sustaining any injuries while working on these sites.


Welders, foundry workers and mill employees face the risk of being exposed to molten metal splash hazards. The right protection can make all the difference between an accident becoming severe or fatal.

Chemical Splash

Workers who work with chemicals need to know what can happen and how important it is to protect themselves. If they are not protected, they can get chemical burns which is both expensive and can be deadly. Splash protective apparel helps keep them safe by reducing the chances of getting a chemical burn on their skin.