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The following customer endorsement is a detailed depiction about how a Chem-Gear ensemble built by Steel Grip prevented serious injury and a potential tragic outcome.

Actual suit after exposure to the direct shot of Sulphuric Acid.

The incident took place during normal daily operations. The employee performing the job followed all safety procedures required, when the unthinkable occurred. The task at hand was to do maintenance on a pressurized system that contained 93% Sulfuric Acid.

The individual suited up in their required Steel Grip chemical suit along with the rest of their PPE mandatory to perform the job.

Once the allotted time passed for the line to bleed the employee started the procedure. When the hose was disconnected, some undetected pressure that remained forced a direct shot of Sulphuric Acid to the wearer’s neck and chest area.

Thankfully the individual was properly wearing all the required PPE or the outcome could have been catastrophic. This employee was able to take the direct hit of the acid and walk away from the incident.

The Chem-Gear suite by Steel Grip prevented a potentially serious accident from occurring, thus allowing the operator to walk away unscathed.

After the initial panic I realized the acid did not penetrate the suite and I was able to calmly walk away to the safety shower to rinse the acid off.


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