Industrial Strength Worker Safety

The best PPE and workwear built for Industrial, High-Temp and Electrical applications. Keep your team safe with Steel Grip.

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Industry Specified Safety Standards

There are countless hazards you face every day. The gear you choose is important to your safety and and combat job hazards. Steel Grip offers a wide range of FR and PPE gear to keep you protected. 

Worker in protective gear pouring molten metal
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Industrial Protective Clothing

Our fire resistant clothing is designed for secondary protection to safeguard workers exposed to open flame, sparks and other similar heat sources.

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High Temperature Protective Clothing

Our primary protection is designed for workers exposed to radiant heat, molten metal, sparks as well as varying conditions of extreme thermal temperatures.

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Electrical Protective Clothing

We developed a layering system known as Air Gap Technology™ which allows the combinations of lighter weight fabrics to increase the thermal heat resistance (Arc Rating) of our garments.

Chem-Gear Case Study

Learn how the Chem-Gear PPE from Steel Grip can help protect you in the field.

Steel Grip Work Gloves

The gloves that started it all

Steel Grip started with a pair of gloves to improve worker safety. That has transalated into years of product development and pride of workmanship to  maintain consistency and improved performance.

Our committment to you is quality, superior products.