Combining Safety and Comfort in 40 Cal Arc Protective Garments

Over the years, Steel Grip Inc.’s innovation and proficiency have allowed them to create some of the lightest weight and most comfortable Arc Flash suits on the market. Steel Grip, Inc. has partnered with W.L. Gore & Associates to deliver a lightweight and breathable 40 Cal Arc Protective suit with high freedom of movement by utilizing the innovative Arc Rated PYRAD® Fabric by GORE-TEX LABS.

See the new Elite Series at these upcoming shows:

  • VPPPA National Show – September 18th & 19th in Orlando, FL at Booth 324
  • Utility Expo – September 25th-27th in Louisville, KY at Booth 4856
  • National Safety Congress – October 23rd to 25th in New Orleans, LA at Booth 937

Arc Rated PYRAD® Fabric by GORE-TEX LABS is the latest FR/Arc Rated fabric innovation.

Garments made with Arc Rated PYRAD® Fabric by GORE-TEX LABS are lightweight, feel less bulky, and provide higher freedom of movement. Protective garments made with this outstanding fabric allow the body to “breathe,” sweat can evaporate through the garment, providing relief from heat stress. Unlike typical multi-ply fabrics used for 40 Cal protection, the Arc Rated PYRAD® Fabric by GORE-TEX LABS achieves Cat 4 arc protection in a single ply. These garments provide a level of freedom of movement unmatched by other products in the field.


When selecting 40 Cal Arc Flash Protective clothing, look for garments that are certified to the NFPA F1506 Standard and comply with all the requirements of NFPA 70E. Also, choose products made by an experienced manufacturer who understands the complexity involved in manufacturing 40 Cal Arc Flash Protective clothing and is committed to achieving the highest level of quality.

Steel Grip Inc. is a family-owned industrial protective clothing company that has been designing and manufacturing Arc Flash protective clothing for over 40 years. Steel Grip Inc.’s extensive experience and knowledge in AR / FR clothing can help guide your selection of the most appropriate protective garment for your specific application.